super large format

The processing format can be customized to realize the overall processing of super large workpieces, high-quality dynamic mechanical properties, fast and precise cutting of plates, and meet the cutting needs of more industries



Plate welding bed

The bed adopts Y-shaped groove plate welding structure, the weight of the bed is increased by 100%, and it is stress-relieved and annealed

And natural aging treatment to eliminate internal stress, so that the bed maintains good mechanical properties, with

It has good tensile properties, toughness and hardness.


Light curtains are installed on the front and rear sides of the beam, with 360° all-round protection, high sensitivity and strong reliability; the safety protection can be opened with one button to ensure safe operation during the production process.


Bevel cutting

Bevel cutting function is optional to achieve 0-45° bevel cutting,

It can process V-shaped, X-shaped, Y-shaped and other types of grooves.


Product parameters


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